Verona, Pa Fire Department

Ray Suchevich has served as the Verona VFD. Fire Chief since 2006. He replaced retiring, 25 year veteran Chief, Tom Tihey Verona’s Volunteer Fire Department (Verona VFD). The Verona Volunteer Fire Department celebrated its Centennial Celebration in 1989. In the 120+ years since its founding,  the Verona VFC  has seen many technological changes in equipment and fire fighting techniques.  But, what hasn’t changed is the dedication displayed by the highly skilled and disciplined volunteers who serve.  They are the true heroes who give their time to serve and protect the citizens of Verona and the surrounding communities 365 days a year.The major duties and responsibilities of a firefighter include the knowledge and abilities in:
• fire suppression
• rescue procedures
• advanced EMS procedures
• fire investigation procedures
• fire prevention guidelines and procedures
• the operation of fire fighting equipment
• knowledge of department rules and regulations
• public relations techniquesIn addition fire fighters must be physically fit.
So the next time you hear the fire station alarm sounding off, take a moment to say a silent prayer and a “thank-you” for more of “Verona’s finest”.  The residents of Verona salute the exemplary work performed by it fire company.  They truly merit the title, “Verona’s Finest”.

What you can do

Take some time and perform a Fire Safety Checklist Inspection. Click HERE  for the checklist. Install dual sensing fire alarms. CHECK MONTHLY! For detailed information about choosing, installing, and maintaining smoke alarms click HERE.Teach young children about fire safety. Click HERE.

Verona PA Municipality Building

736 E. Railroad Ave., Verona, PA  15147
Office: 412-828-8080  Fax: 412-794-8691
Borough Secretary: Christine DeRunk
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