Verona Pa Flower & Garden Club

The Verona Flower and Garden Club was established in 2007 by Bob & Mariann Brayer who envisioned the need for both a social and a civic organization that would serve to:
– Promote, encourage, foster and cultivate interest in garden floriculture.
– Assist all members in the care and maintenance of their gardens.
– Encourage civic beautification and roadside development.

– Assist in projects for the conservation of natural resources.
– Cooperate with other agencies in furthering the interests of conservation, horticulture and landscape design.
Generous monetary contributions from the Verona Chamber of Commerce, the Verona Borough, individual businesses and a number of philanthropic citizens, has allowed the VFGC to complete a number of beautification projects in the central business district of Verona.  Notable projects include:• installation of sidewalk planters in the Verona business district
• installed a garden along Allegheny River Boulevard (corner of James St. & ARB)
• hanging flower baskets on the Roger Duffy viaduct
• Verona gazebo improvement project
• improvement to the steps leading to Verona’s parklet
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Verona, Pa Historical Society

The Verona Historical Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and promotion of our region’s rich and interesting  history.The society envisions leading and inspiring historical research and acquiring artifacts for the purpose of public display in order to educate its citizens about our interesting past.The society has established a history room in Verona’s Borough building for the community to enjoy and enrich their knowledge and appreciation of Verona’s unique heritage. [CLICK HERE]

Lower Valley Athletic Foundation
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Verona Community Group
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Verona PA Municipality Building

736 E. Railroad Ave., Verona, PA  15147
Office: 412-828-8080  Fax: 412-794-8691
Borough Secretary: Christine DeRunk
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